July 23, 2011

and my bird can sing!

Here is a lovely poster illustrating the known fact that singers get all the chicks.

July 19, 2011

Trophy Shop!

Here is the final product! Look at all these critters trying to get the girls. I can't help but believe that playing in a band is an animal courting ritual!

July 3, 2011

Trophy Shop 1

Here is some album artwork I've been working on for a band called The Trophy Shop. The theme is animal courting rituals and there are hidden faces and objects throughout. This is just 3 of 6 panels so stay tuned!

Stretch's New Logo

Stretch has undergone some nips and tucks and now he's looking more studly than ever.

In a good Pickle

Stretch is rip-roarin and ready to crunch! Order your own jar at www.oldyankeecountrystore.com